Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Live Your Life With Authenticity

Display kindness to the unkind

Be accountable, even if others are not

Provide hope to those who live with doubt

Demonstrate bravery to all that live in fear

Be accepting of someone that feels ashamed

Maintain your confidence among the jealous

Remain calm while others scurry in frustration

Pray for others, especially those who hate you

Offer a smile to the sad and broken hearted

Stay compassionate regardless of their anger

Be honest, especially when they are lying to you

Teach forgiveness to someone who lives with guilt

Commit to giving even when others are being selfish

Share your optimism with negative people anyway

Convey empathy to those who choose to remain resentful

Give with your whole heart even though there is no guarantee they will give you any or all of theirs in return

Live your life with authenticity, even if others are too petrified to live theirs that way

We are not in a contest. Never allow anyone or 
anything to impede you from being who you truly are