Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Living an Authentic Life

As some of us are now living our lives more authentically, many think we have changed. The truth is, we haven't changed; we just haven't shown this part of ourselves to them or to the rest of world before now. All this time we have hidden ourselves quietly in a corner fearing judgment from others. By not living authentically meant we didn't truly accept ourselves and our fear of judgment and rejection were exceedingly more important than living our lives freely and with purpose. We lived that way before, and now realize, we have only held ourselves back by suppressing our spirit, and living incongruently a life that we were meant to live. That feeling of "something is missing" no longer exists, and inner peace now fulfills us.

There is so much freedom in living an authentic life. We now know who we genuinely are and accept ourselves fully. There is no longer any shame or chains that hold us back while we pretend to be perfect. We have faced our demons, no longer running away from doubts, pain and fear. We too have struggles like everyone else and we will continue to grow. We have dug deep within ourselves pulling out the inner beauty that lies within each and every one of us. We recognize we are all unique, yet so much of the same.

We are accountable for our actions and how we impact others. People have become more transparent to us, and we are empathetic to why people think and behave they way they do. Instead of allowing anger to consume us, we find compassion, and forgiveness from one human being to another. However, that does not open us up to accepting abuse or mistreatment, and we DO love ourselves enough to not allow it. We are aware it is always our choice if we accept others words, actions, or behaviors to have any affect on us.

We are not followers; rather we have become leaders of our own lives. We are not afraid to go after what we really want; as we now know there are no limits. We aren't afraid to tell people often how much we love them. We seek out our purpose, and then we fulfill it. We express gratitude for the many gifts we have received. We give without the expectation of anything in return, as that is not our intent.

We are living authentic lives, where our mind, body, and spirit are all in harmony. We are now free.
~ Brenda, Coach and Creator, Elements of Your Life